Saturday, November 5, 2011


SO annoying...... another teacher and I made plans to hang out tonight, which I was really looking forward to until a phone call 5 minutes ago with the news that he'd invited along some students (surely female and surely young). Look, I like all my students but hanging out with them outside of class is another story. When I'm hanging out I want to turn off "teacher mode" and relax. And I want to have a normal conversation, not a conversation at the level of the worst English speaker present. There's a time and a place for my students and it's not at a bar at 8 PM on a Saturday night. It makes me feel like I'm working for free.

I know this makes me the oddity since all the other teachers love to hang out with students outside of class, but I suspect if I was an unmarried 35 year old man, hell yeah I'd like to hang out with a 19 year old girl and drink beer. But I'm not. So I don't. And don't think I'm anti-"friends with the locals" because that's not it. I have my Ukrainian friends that I didn't meet through work and I prefer it that way. Out of all the students I've had so far, there have been a couple that I could possibly have a real friendship with but those aren't the young flirty ones who will probably be at the bar tonight. Arghhh....

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  1. Of course if one did that here, the teacher would be pegged as a something-less-than-honorable professional?