Monday, April 9, 2012

Pizza Felice

Pizza Felice must attract a lot of expats; they've got a bilingual menu (English/Russian) and delivery. The kitchen offers a variety of Italian food and exotic-sounding pizzas with ingredients like asparagus, spinach, smoked sausage, goat cheese, etc. Because the pizzas are baked on a thin crust, they end up more elegant than hearty.... so if you arrive hungry I'd suggest ordering extra.

"SOCCER on the big screen"
The inside of the restaurant has a rustic feel: vines, brickwork, shortened street lamps, fabric-covered windows, a ceiling of blue sky and fluffy clouds... and then there's the gigantic TV in the corner. You can get a 360 view of the interior by clicking on this link or this link. One major drawback about the seating arrangement is that the smoking section is right next to the non-smoking section. Oh well, welcome to Ukraine!

Look for this building
The restaurant is at Pushskinskaya Street, 21/23 (street view here), not far from both the Исторический музей and Архитектора Бекетова metro stops. The phone is 751-82-70 and website is Hours are from 10 or 11 AM to 11 PM. They bill themselves as the "factory of delicious pizza"...and did I mention that the pizzas are cooked in a wood-burning stove? If you're in Kharkov, give this restaurant a chance! I think you'll go home happy :)

Update June 11th: I've now had 3 visits to the restaurant and am not quite as impressed as I was before. The pizza is fancy, true, but it's also rather dry and the toppings aren't very generous. The atmosphere and decor make it a nice place for a date but I like the food at Pizza Maranello better.

Update July 30th: Er, make that 4 visits. Wanted to try a pasta dish. We went all out this time and got bacon-wrapped asparagus (bonus points for actually having asparagus!), a salad of shredded veggies, two pastas, and apple strudel. The food was tasty and well-presented but there's still something about this place... it's not quite for me. Maybe it was the bill- almost 500 uah! :p


  1. I've got to admit, Ukrainians know their pizza. They have some fairly delicious offerings when it comes to that subset of cuisine. I can't say the same of their sushi. Although I was tickled to receive sushi that had dill in it on one occasion!

  2. Haha, sushi with dill! That actually sounds pretty good!

    1. It was interesting. I usually love dill, but I'm not totally sold on its addition to sushi. I do absolutely crave some of those люкс brand dill chips. Do you know the ones I mean? I think they also come in kalamari, crab, and a few other unusual flavours. Tasty.

    2. Haha, I know those chips! Can't say I've tried them much though. Early on I tried hamburger-flavored potato chips and after that experience I've been able to resist the temptation to try others. The hamburger chips were that bad!!

    3. Yikes. Hamburger flavoured? Hah, didn't see that one. Do try the dill, though! OH, and also the paprika/red pepper flavoured ones. Delicious.