Learn some Russian!

 Learning Russian? It's no piece of cake, that's for sure! Use these resources to help you on your journey.

At least you don't have to worry about articles in the Russian language. Rather, it's the Russians who have to tear their hair out over a and the while learning English! :p

For Beginners:
The Russian Alphabet with Sound and Handwriting
More Russian Alphabet from the University of Arizona
Easy Russian 1: the letters Р, П and Н
Easy Russian 2: the letter З and С
Easy Russian 3: the letters ф and л
Words You Should Know
Funny & Positive Russian Alphabet in Photos Maybe a bit difficult for beginners, but cute!
The Russian Alphabet Once you've got the letters down, try your hand at reading these super easy cognates. You'll be like "Hell yeah, I'm a pro!" after this 
Hot for Words What can I say, sex sells :p
FunkyRussian.com While the site is focused on selling memberships, there is a noteworthy and free vocabulary section. Covering 14 different topics, you can listen to native speakers pronounce the words at a conversational pace as well as slowed down.
Russian for Everyone Simple vocab games with pictures. Also grammar games, if you're a real glutton for punishment!

For Intermediate Level Learners:
Street Russian this is our new site, giving students of Russian a chance to see what native speakers see every day.
You know you are Russian when... a great way to learn more about culture
Beginning Russian Through Film short clips from Soviet-era films
English-Russian FALSE Cognates, Part 1
English-Russian FALSE Cognates, Part 2
English Loan Words in Russian and Ukrainian that probably aren't in the dictionary

no wonder people assume Russians are depressed... all those sentences with double negatives!

For Advanced Learners:
Русский язык в американском кино a fun read!
Russian Language Mentor this site rocks, esp the recorded newscasts
Очень по-русски podcasts from Valeria in St Petersburg. Lots of good slang.
Michele A. Berdy's columns in The Moscow Times. Pure awesomeness!