Monday, September 25, 2017

Resources to find a job in Ukraine

Privet! :)

Maybe you sent me an email about moving to Ukraine or maybe you just stumbled across this post. Either way, you want to move to Ukraine, right? Awesome! 


If we haven't met yet: I'm Katherine and I dragged my husband off to live in Kharkiv, Ukraine for 8 months a few years. We don't live there anymore (sadness!!) but Ukraine is awesome and you should totally go there. (And I'm copy pasting most of this intro from the Life in Kharkiv page. Go there if you're interested specifically in Kharkiv, because this post has general resources for the entire country instead.)

It turns out there are lots and lots of people who are curious about Ukraine / have Ukrainian roots / met someone cool in Ukraine / want to escape their usual life and learn a new language in a new place. Thank you to everyone who emailed to share their adventures!  

This post is a short list of links in response to some of the most common questions people ask.

One last note: I haven't been to Ukraine for a while. (Did I mention sadness?!!) This means I have no current visa info, sorry. In general, you'll probably be restricted to a 90-day visit unless you can get permission to stay longer. If you have questions about getting a work visa in Ukraine or getting some form of residency, I suggest registering at the forum here to fully use the 'Visa and Immigration' section. There are lots of great questions + answers in that thread.


List #1. "I want to teach English in Ukraine!"

Read these posts:
Teaching English in Ukraine- a Guide (2017), What Kate and Kris Did
Why I'm moving to Kyiv to teach English (2016), The Wayfarer's Book
How to find work in Kharkiv (2013), 8 Months in Ukraine
How I got my teaching gig in Kyiv (2011), Brooke vs. The World

Possible teaching jobs
International House:
Dave's ESL cafe:
Quality School International:
Buckeye English in Dnipro (tell Andy I sent you!):
Long list of English schools in Ukraine: 



List #2. "I'm not a teacher. What else is there?"

(Caution: some of these jobs are limited by nationality.)

Software jobs

Other jobs
UN jobs:
US embassy:
OSCE jobs:
Peace Corps: forum (very useful, but you'll need to register):  

Something I've said before and I stick to: networking is key in Ukraine!!!! Meet as many people as you can, both locals and expats, even before you buy your airline ticket. Join Facebook groups, ask for recommendations, and find someone to help you start learning Ukrainian or Russian. When it comes to finding a good apartment, for example, a personal connection will be more useful than an internet search. There's always a friend of a friend of a friend who knows someone who is looking for a renter. (And then return the favor when it's your turn to be the connection!)

Beloved Kharkiv

I hope this list helps you! :)

If you have another good resource, please leave a comment below.


  1. Haha, so many interesting stories on this website. I love it! I have been in Ukraine now for 4 years. It is so funny how many thinks I recognize in your writing!

    1. Thanks, Thomas! :) I hope you're having a good winter so far!