Thursday, September 14, 2017

Oregon to-do list

I'm cleaning out some bookmarks today. Last winter, I cleaned out my bookmarks about Ukraine here. Now it's Oregon's turn!

We spend most of our time hanging around the state's largest city, Portland. It is quite pretty (and filled with bridges), but...

...there's a lot to be seen in other parts of the state, too. For example, here's a look at the Oregon coast...

And here's a video that covers the entire state!

What to do in (and around) Oregon? 
Here's a list to get you started. Some of these we've done. Others are things we want to try soon.

Get on the bus: travel from Portland to Multnomah Falls ($5 RT) on the Columbia Gorge Express or head out to the coast on a 7-day pass ($30).

Go to a tea tasting, try liquor distilled from tea, or reserve your spot for a steampunk high tea.

Take a river cruise on the Portland Spirit.

Stay in one of Portland's coolest Airbnb rentals.

Visit a nuclear reactor run by college students.

Invite international visitors over for dinner.

Practice your Russian.

Explore an olive oil mill.

Wander around a tulip farm.

Find a non-profit job.

Learn art from an amazing Oregon artist.

Play in the trees (and add a wine tasting package + hotel stay.)

Ride a trolley around Crater Lake.

Travel east to the Painted Hills, one of the state's 7 wonders.

Drive south toward the Pillars of Rome.

Take in the view from Crown Point.

See a famous waterfall in winter.

What's fun to do where you live? :) Leave me a comment!

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