Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ват из ит, Pepsi version

Pepsi's new ad campaign in Ukraine: half real Ukrainian, half English words written in Ukrainian.
"Sharing (шерiнг) was always sharing, Pepsi Cola is with me"
"A street party (стрiтпатi) was always a street party, Pepsi Cola is with me"

"Looks (луки) were always looks, Pepsi Cola is with me"
"Posting (постiнг) was always posting, Pepsi Cola is with me"
 "Friends (френди) were always friends, Pepsi Cola is with me"
Andrea at Many Colored Days in Kiev has a cute conjugation table from this ad.
"A DJ (дiджей) was always a DJ, Pepsi Cola is with me"
"Gamers (геймери) were always gamers, Pepsi Cola is with me"
"Hackers (хакери) were always hackers, Pepsi Cola is with me"
What do you think? Effective? Catchy?

And then, of course, there's this:

Read the original Ват из ит here.


  1. This is great! I've only seen one so far but will be watching out for the rest!

  2. Whoever came up with this ad is a genius and has a very dark sense of humor. There is a popular book called Generation "П" ( The use of old pictures with English (Инглиш) words spelled in Russian/Ukrainian alludes to the "Pepsi Generation" in the same way advertising slogans were created by the main character in the book. Seeing this ad makes me think that there is a lot more truth to the book then I originally imagined, a very disturbing thought.

    1. Mr. M, thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to check out that book/film.

  3. I think стрiтпатi is by far my favorite.

    1. Same here! But what's up with that missing 'r'? :p

  4. Russian slang word with the meaning "a party" is "пати" and not "парти".