Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life in early spring

A group of young soldiers crossing Constitution Square

Instead of lots of words, here are snapshots from the past several weeks.


"Metalist Union 1921"
"Glory to the War Heroes, 1941 - 1945"
Found in a parking lot
Hopefully the first of many more beautiful Kharkov sunsets to come!

Empty playground, waiting for warmer weather
This political ad reads "I want Ukraine to be known and respected around the entire world!"
The promo says "Drink juice daily!"... but the shelves are filled with laundry detergent.
Approaching the monument to the Cossack Kharko in my friend's car- the first time I've been in a car this year!!!
Another empty playground, waiting for children
Cheerful playground art


Quiet afternoon, before the lesson started
Surprise class party!!!
Power outage = teaching by candlelight
A gorgeous gift from students- painting of downtown Kharkov in the rain. This is definitely getting checked in our luggage someday!
Last day of work celebration, complete with sparkling wine and bacon-flavored potato chips



Scrabble on a sunny afternoon : )
Hair braiding!
D went to a reenactment of a WWII battle last weekend
City view
The cat, being his usual self
Another game of Scrabble, during which the TASTIEST EVER chocolate cake was discovered
Spur-of-the-moment birthday celebration with some very good friends
Кит, begrudgingly wearing his "company" sweater
: ) Bday gift! : )


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    1. He sends his regards to you, his most loyal of subjects :)

  2. This pictures made me cry, especially the ones with the cat. I had a dear cat that looked just like that. Here we are back from vacation and I hope this sun comes back. I even through out my last yak track. Are you as snowed in as we are?