Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Victory Day

Leftover Victory Day signs in Kharkov's Freedom Square
For those of you living elsewhere, just a reminder that Ukraine and Russia (and a handful of other countries) recently celebrated Victory Day, a Soviet holiday marking the end of hostilities between the USSR and Germany in 1945. Coming at the tail end of several other holidays (Labor Day, Easter), it's a big deal... but don't just take my word for it! Check out the stories from these talented bloggers:
"Holiday Street" poem from an old Soviet kids' book
2013 Victory Day in Novosibirsk courtesy of From Russia with Love
2013 Victory Day Parade in Moscow from A Girl and Her Travels 
2013 Victory Day in Lugansk from Alabama in Ukraine
Victory Day from Russophilia (an amazing 2-part entry!)

And in case you missed it-
Orthodox Easter from Borscht and Babushkas (Ukraine)
The Day of Rejoicing from Many Colored Days (Kiev, Ukraine)
Day-long Victory Day concert in Kiev

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