Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We are moving!
Goodbye, old view
Hello, new view!
It might sound weird, but I like looking at these big block apartment buildings. There's a homey feel to them. Plus, when you see hundreds of people living together, you know that you'll also find a big supermarket within walking distance. When you see churches and downtown buildings, you'll only find little overpriced kiosks with rotting zucchini and stale chocolate.

Proximity to a grocery store was just one of the things we were hoping for. D wanted a two room apartment again. I wanted something a little smaller and simpler to clean. A boiler, air conditioner, no carpets (from the amount of hair Кит sheds, you'd think we have 5 cats, not 1!), balcony, bathtub, all these things were on the list... and all these things apply to the new place. Don't you love it when things work out like that? : )


  1. I know this place, this is Gagarin av.

  2. Very nice Katya. I miss the view from a tall building, where you can sit and meditate by a window, watching the world go around from above. :-) Why did you have to move? I really need to send you something I've had for you for months now. I can send it to the school address still? Right?

    1. Hi Vesna! Yes, height is nice : ) It gives you a different perspective on things. We moved mainly because things soured with the landlady. It was always something- the cat, we had stayed there too long, we weren't paying enough rent, we should sign another long-term lease with her... she was very good at always coming up with something new :p We finally got the hint.

      PS: Let me send you another address!