Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Year One of The Whale

Disclaimer: absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine here, it's all cat talk.

You've been warned :p

Кит is now over a year old! It's hard to believe, not that he's passed the 12 month 15 month mark, but rather that we've been coexisting more-or-less peacefully for all of that time. I never imagined that I'd grow up to have a cat; my family always dealt in dogs, particularly golden retrievers... and Кит is the polar opposite of a friendly canine.

He's like a grumpy old man from 11 AM to 11 PM, and at 11:01 PM he morphs into an energetic, slightly irritated house cat, content only to race furiously around the apartment and meow loudly and contemptuously from way underneath the bed. I still adore him despite this, mainly because during the day he grudgingly allows me to coddle him in a most over-the-top way. Like this:
cat humiliation 101

I'll let Кит take over from here-
Meeow! (That's hello in cat)

Name: Кит/Кіт (this means whale in Russian and cat in Ukrainian )
Breed: British Shorthair
Hobbies: sleeping in, gardening, enjoying the great outdoors, going for a walk (veeeery reluctantly)

also, chillaxing in: the bathtub, the fridge, a plastic bag, in a drawer

Favorite foods: cat food, mushrooms, cucumbers, melon, McDonald's french fries

Most terrifying moment of my life: the time the landlady came over wearing a fur coat made from cats like me. A real life Cruella de Vil! No wonder we moved, my life was in danger!
I can't look, it's too awful! Is she still there?

Runner up terrifying moment: when they transported me in this bag to a new apartment. Not cool, you guys, not cool at all.

Special powers:
always up on the latest fashion trends... pink polka dots are soooo in right now

Goals for this coming year: gain weight. get listed in Wikipedia's list of mammals in Ukraine. love my friends on Facebook and become the kingpin of cat social media.

Meow! (That's goodbye in cat)

Lots of love from your local friendly feline,


  1. Don't forget Xenon! you lived with her until age 10!

    1. Hola : ) Of course not! Una gata muy bella y noble. No la voy a olvidar!

  2. I like that he enjoys gardening and one of his goals is to gain weight.

  3. lol what a cool cat i wish i had 1 BUT i cant i live in rent ): lucky uncle dennis

  4. Your apartment was SO Eastern European looking. Was it difficult to bring him back to the USA?

    1. Yes (leaving Ukraine) and no (entering US).

      It took several vet visits to get his paperwork in order (they gave him a pet passport) and then there was a "you must leave the country within 3 days of getting the paperwork stamped or you'll have to start the whole procedure over" deadline. But once actually at the airport, it was pretty straightforward. (My husband took him and I flew later.) At the New York airport, the officials were like, whatever, and barely even checked the cat's documents.