Sunday, September 29, 2013

Snapshots of Ukrainian Life, Fall Edition

A collection of recent snapshots : )

Chestnuts + puddles
D's leftover childhood pastime
Some sunsets offer beautiful vistas
Others bring rain clouds
And speaking of rain... nowadays everyone carries a зонтик (umbrella) with them just in case.
I found this cardboard box lying on the ground one afternoon. It reads "Oil and its byproducts".
The Ferris wheel in Gorky Park
And of course, a view from the top of the Ferris wheel! The window decal says Thank you for cleanliness and order and I've got to say, those cars are always incredibly clean. No graffiti, no garbage, no rust!
Rode the cable cars with a new English teacher from Maine. She successfully passed the "drink a beer by the time you reach the other side" challenge.
Mushroom season has opened!

Which fall picture is your favorite? Mine is the oil box- it was such a random surprise!


  1. I am amazed that your camera shutter is still working, mine freezes whenever faced with a walk in freezing #Kyiv! ;-(

    Oh, Mushrooms.............

    1. Yikes! Really, that cold already there? At least today you should have the upper hand... Goggle says it's 4 degrees here and 8 degrees up in Kyiv : )

  2. Love the Ferris wheel shot! Looks like a professional photo. Also reminds me of fun times :)

    1. Your family would get a kick out of that park, Jenny : ) There's a kid area with every imaginable ride!

  3. It's funny for me to see a sign of the gratify. ... and yeah I woke up today in the morning feeling cool. ... Told my mom in the morning that we need to turn our little heater on

    1. Hope you guys are staying warm up there, Slava :)