Thursday, November 27, 2014

Snapshots of American Life

It's Thanksgiving! I remember trying to get the day off last year in Ukraine, to an answer of "Oh, a holiday of your people?... How nice!... Now get back to work." ; ) One year later and no one's going into work today (except hopefully the people at the grocery store so I can grab some sunflower oil to make a last-minute морковый салат).

In honor of this very American holiday, here's a peek at recent American life:
Science fair!
Hamburger and beer: food for patriots.
Boats moored along the Colombia River.
Reading an old sci-fi book while waiting for the train.
D's #1 favorite food.
Ten-dollar flowers from the farmers' market.
Near the South Waterfront neighborhood.
Кит being Кит.
Portland is a city of breweries.
And a city of rent-a-cars. These tiny car2go vehicles crack me up.
It's that time of year.
Also time for all the trees to be wrapped in Christmas lights. The evening streets look so beautiful with their lit up trees.
Cold and flu season begins.
Our first time trying redbox.
Playing a civics game at work.
One last little bit of fall.
Nothing strange here. This is the Pacific Northwest after all.

Now I'd better book it to the store and start making that salad before it's time to sit down for the Thanksgiving meal. If today is a holiday for you too, how will you spend it?

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