Saturday, June 27, 2015

Taking stock

Voodoo Doughnut, a cultural landmark and proclaimed by many as a near-religious experience.

Happy Halfway-To-2016!!!

Are you freaking out? Me too. Luckily there are still 188 days to get stuff done. This clock, by the way = most motivating thing ever.

We've been in Portland so long now... long enough to have gone through a lease renewal. I had originally thought we'd be gone by now, on to more exotic ports of call, but no. It's not a bad thing, just somewhat disappointing, and I wonder how much of it is my fault. Could I have gotten up earlier, worked harder, spent less? Written a book instead of blog posts? Studied languages more?

I've been reading a lot of motivational / entrepreneurial / wanderlusting stories. It's exciting to see people who set a goal and reach it. Once upon a time I wanted to be one of the blogger-with-a-backpack-travel-24/7 gurus. Not anymore. Plus neither husband nor cat is really into that and as unexciting as it is, we'd rather pay off student loans than barrel through Asia for six months. But I have discovered a) I love following the journeys of people who are passionate about long-term travel and b) just hook me up with a one-bedroom rental apartment in Ukraine/Bulgaria/Russia/Romania/Belarus and we'll call it good. Now: how to get from here to there? And what of the current economic and political realities in some of those countries? In the meantime, I agree with pretty much every sentiment this woman wrote, especially that a place you love never misses you when you're gone. So even with a heart still in Kharkiv, I'm moving on.

Cheering on: this happy couple- and cat- who sail the world together. Could we do that (on the boat below and with a crew of ten, please)?

Catching up: with Odin the reindeer herder :) Although he's since switched out Siberian mammals for Alaskan fish and game.

Waiting: in a long line to eat at Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen. Worth it!

Liking: not having to take finals. It never gets old, haha.

Making: a salad every single day with the odds and ends from our weekly CSA box.

Wondering: about how this will go down-
But honestly, this is more exciting news.

Drinking: homemade sangria and loooots of iced tea.

Reading: Poroshenko's article in the Wall Street Journal.

Feeling: happy to hang out at the zoo with a friend and her two cute kids.

Wanting: an elephant ear from the Saturday Market. Have yet to convince D that this is indeed a humane thing.

Making: snacks at home instead of having that elephant ear.

Looking: up still.

Wishing: we had camped out on the streets for the Rose Festival like these guys did-

Enjoying: air conditioning. You too?

Chatting: over lunch with my parents.

Loving: Fleet Week, with visits from the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Marvelling: at catching a bridge up!

Hovering: around all the summer flowers like a giant awkward honeybee.

Following: tourists around. Watch out!

Noticing: sunsets. Case in point. Maybe someday, with enough black tea, I can do the same with sunrises.

Avoiding: downtown's roving gangs of geese. Aka, your foot is my tasty snack.

Googling: random crazy ideas. It's exactly like Robert Frost wrote.
One idea I had... but the great and mighty Google quickly vetoed that.

Trying out: Instacart. $3.99 grocery delivery! A truly glorious thing for the car-less... plus hours of amusement for your cat.

Missing: Kharkiv's Gorky Park and its колесо обозрения.

Exploring: the Oregon coast.

Anticipating: change.

How are you wrapping things up this June?
Do you have a place your heart still calls home?

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