Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This is a normal weekend.

The 5th annual Big Float happened this weekend. And I've got to say- this kind of stuff doesn't even look weird to me anymore. It's like oh, must be Saturday again ;)

The Big Float is intended to convince everyone else that the river is safe, that you won't turn into a mutant salamander after a swim- especially if you dress like one before hitting the water.

A few people actually swam across the entire river (!!!) but most chose to wait on the opposite bank with inner tubes for the post-swim float to begin...

... beginning with a parade while a band played from a floating platform (and the popular local Russian band Chervona played later in the day, missed them yet again).

Check out some of those floats in action here. I think it's all just a warm-up, though, for next weekend's special feature-

See you there? : )

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