Thursday, September 17, 2015

Republic of Tea haul for fall

In Ukraine there was never ever a too-hot-for-tea point on the temperature scale. It could be 5000° C and my husband would still be hovering over the tea kettle, waiting for it to finish boiling, asking me if I wanted a cup too.

On a recent trip to Nicaragua, though, every single day was a too-hot-for-tea day. Hence this, uh, slight overcompensation upon returning.

Decaf tea overload-

In love with variety-

It's never too early for a good holiday tea (or three)-

"How do you take your tea?" "Very seriously."-

Now we're all set for a long, rainy autumn. Hint, hint, Portland!

What's in your cup right now?

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  1. I am currently drinking the Hi-Caf Caramel Black Tea from Republic of Tea. Yum! Tastes like dessert, even without sugar!

    On another note, do you happen to have an Instagram account? I have been a failure at blogging lately, but I've been trying to keep up with IG. I wouldn't mind seeing your photos of Portland and throwbacks to Ukraine in my feed! :)

    1. Hi Christine! Hi-Caf Caramel Black sounds delicious- I haven't tried that flavor yet. There was a Hi-Caf Cinnamon in the last catalog and the extra caffeine was oh so nice ;)

      Actually, no IG account yet, sorry. I do share a lot of cool Ukraine stuff on the blog's FB page, but it's usually not my own stuff these days. And lately Portland has been getting photographed only in my mind. There must be something about late summer / early fall that sidetracks us from blogging. Anyway, enjoy your cup of tea and thanks for dropping by!

  2. Tea overload? There is no such thing as a tea overload)) I have had tea almost daily here in Kyiv. Two cups so far today and more at a party tonight I'm sure.

    1. Haha, considering that it's Ukraine, I'm sure there will be a lot more than just tea at that party, Al ;)

      Would you considering making a tea post for your blog? Or maybe a general what's-in-my-cupboards-now post?

  3. Too-hot-for-tea-day - exactly! We've been in Central America since Thursday and my oh my is it hot and humid!

    1. Hola Chelsea! I'm EAGERLY awaiting your photos and stories and photos about the trip!!! And did I mention the photos? :)

      Que te vaya bien!

    2. Hola! We're out and about until October 4th, but I can see about getting some pics on the blog once or twice while we're still on the road! I'm also dying to read about your Nicaraguan adventures!!!