Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Summer fun in Portland

These are the colors of January in Portland. Exciting, huh? ;)

But rewind 6 months and take a look at the Willamette River in August. Blue waters, clear skies, and- best of all- there was booze!

A Peace Corps Ukraine podruga (and author of this acclaimed potluck dish) flew into town for 2 days with her best friend. After an active Saturday- fun run in the morning, Kachka carousing in the evening- Sunday needed something more tranquil. Enter BrewBarge PDX: 1.5 hours of floating through downtown Portland.

You probably know Portland's reputation as a beer-centric city. I'm guessing BrewBarge evolved out of BrewCycle, that giant bicycle that seats 15 people and slowly wanders from bar to bar. BrewBarge has the same active component. You're actually peddling the boat up/down the river. Or rather, sometimes you are. The boat we took had more people than bike seats, so our group was "forced" to take the bench seat and sit back in the sunlight :p Not such a bad punishment to endure.

As for the drinking, you can bring on board 36 oz of beer, cider, or wine. This makes it a little pricey: $35 already for a ticket, plus the cost of your drinks. And there's no bathroom on board, so you should factor that in when deciding how much to drink. (Or take the easy route and follow the FAQ's advice about wearing adult diapers, haha!)

Anyways, here's what it's like to take the BrewBarge on a summer afternoon...

At this point we crossed under the red Broadway Bridge, as far north as we were allowed to go.

On the way back, we got the chance to pedal for a while. One guy was especially happy about it-

The BrewBarge doesn't hit the river again until summer though (website), so it's back to these muted colors for a while longer.

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