Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Ukrainian winter

Don't you just love a proper winter day?

The kind that starts at 8 AM, still dark outside, with dangerous pink clouds that promise to soon blanket the city in snow-

And then, everyone walking and sliding their way to work, wrapped up in layers of jackets and scarves and mittens and fut hats-

Where everything is strangely quiet-

And the streets look so different that sometimes it feels like you've been dropped into a new city-

When you finally make it in to work, all you want to do is look out the window and not think of having to slog back through the snow again later-

But that's all about 9,000 km away from here. This is what it looks like in Oregon right now:

Ukraine is just days away from До свидания, Зима! Goodbye winter! and Здравствуй, Весна! Hello spring!... although that's according to the calender. I recently found this article- The Antidote to Ukraine's Winter Blues- that reminded me of what a real winter is like. How funny that spring technically starts on March 1st in Ukraine and March 20th here, yet when the seasons actually show up is reversed. 

Seriously, I don't think we need to wait another 3 weeks; Portland is ready for an official declaration of spring already. Check this out:

What's it like where you are right now?
And is spring for you March 1st or March 20th?


  1. I'd say it looks like spring in these parts of Ukraine right now!

    1. Good to hear, Yulia! Hope you guys share some pics of it on your blog soon :)

    2. Makes me really miss Novomoskovsk.

    3. Awwww.... Well, at least you don't have to miss out on Novomoskovsk's weather, right? Plenty of that where you are!