Monday, May 23, 2016

NOLA nightwalk

On the final evening in New Orleans, after the expo had ended and we had packed away everything in the booth, my brother and I walked through the city at twilight. Final destination- a Thai restaurant with good reviews. Our foodie, Greg, had already caught a flight back to his family so we actually had to Google where to go that night (instead of "Greg" where to go).

The ghost tours were just getting started as we walked past the park and the church. I'm not much of a believer in spooky walking tours, but I will say this- there was something about the light level and the architecture and the color of the sky... at that moment in time, I would have believed. The air felt magical and mischievous, like a fairy or a vampire might be hiding out in one of those brick courtyards. Crazy talk now, but true.

Google did not lie. The Thai food was worth the walk! And after all those days with Greg, we had gotten into a habit of ordering everything that sounded the least bit tempting... and dessert. The walk back to the hotel was more of a waddle back, really. The window shopping, may or may not have been related to that.

But just look at these treasures! Have you ever seen such unique / random / colorful / nonsensical / elegant things?

Shopping hours had ended long ago, so we saw everything through glass. There were still a few cafes and bars open, though, and plenty of people out honoring the New Orleans tradition of having a good time.

Some entryways looked a little forgotten... or maybe it's that quality of magical possibility again. What do you think? Could one of these doorways lead to something else entirely?

We passed by the church a second time. Someone sure knew what they were doing with that statue-

Last stop of the night- souvenirs. And perhaps Dessert, Round 2: The Box of Pralines. Again, that may or may not have happened.

Okay, that has to be the tamest New Orleans night ever :p Would you pick a night of Thai food and window shopping... or a crazy night on a Bourbon-street balcony?


  1. I feel like New Orleans would be a great place for a ghost tour. It seems like a place that would be spooky!

    1. It totally is! I actually think I wouldn't go on a ghost tour, or I'd be up all night freaking out ;)