Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Final updates

Meet the packing assistant.

(Warning: cat overload!)

He likes to test everything out- clothes, luggage, papers- by sitting on it exactly when you need it. I was trying to pack this suitcase, but apparently it hadn't passed the quality control inspection yet.

Anyway, it's probably good practice because don't the Russian customs officials usually have a face like this one?

 The school emailed a few final notes this morning. 

- Buy your own toilet paper.

- Don't argue with drunks on the street.

- There's a student cafeteria named Прощай товарищ, or Farewell, Comrade.

- Students like to hang out at the Killfish Discount Bar.

- From the guide: "In Nizhny, if you look 'not Russian', avoid deprived areas especially at night or without a good knowledge of the city. city. If you look foreign, people might approach you to take photos. Nizhny used to be closed to foreigners and some local residents are still curious about different-looking people, although with the arrival of thousands of International students, this is becoming less common."

- If you leave for another city without telling the university, they'll have to report you to the police after 3 days. (Registration and all that.)

- There's wifi available on campus! This is the thing that surprised me the most, but I guess probably a lot has changed in Russia since 2006. 

In the meantime, I have two posts to share here next week. One is about Ukraine. The other is about teaching English online. And then, maybe?, some posts from Nizhny Novgorod? Once I visit what the university guide calls the "Internet Control Room" and get wifi access, that is ;)

After the suitcase passed inspection, Кит went off to play with this ribbon :p

Until Russia! До скорого! Hope you have a great last week of June!


  1. Ah, Nizhny sounds like Ufa. Killfish bad and all. Look to see if there's a Harats. Its the more upscale place to get wasted.

    I want to read your post about teaching English online. I have an interview in August for an online position.

    Also, I'm going to be working in Kazan for two weeks, I think while you are in Nizhny Novgorod. If you happen to go to Kazan let me know. I won't have much free time, but maybe we can meet in the city. I still want to go to NN, but we will see when works best and if you will still be there.

    1. Whaat? So Killfish is a thing in Ufa too? So funny. Thanks for the Harats tip!

      And it would be SO COOL if we could meet up :D I'll definitely drop you a line if the Kazan trip happens. Hope you enjoy your "kommanderovka" there!