Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Adios, Nica!

The trip is over. It's back to constant rain (good), hot tea every day (better), and studying Russian (best). Here is the last of Nicaragua...

A bus that quickly filled up with surfers and their boards.

Sunday sunset.

High voltage sign in Managua.

The only green salad of the trip.

Visiting my old maestra de español.

Rain cloud at sunset.

More rain clouds. The rainy season was just ending.

View from the room.

I didn't met many Americans to talk with on this trip, but there were lots of traveling Europeans who all asked the same thing: Trump? But WHY??

On the other hand, no one was surprised that Daniel Ortega was elected- with his wife now as VP- to serve a 4th term as president.

Beach flowers.

New teas!

What do you think made these lines in the sand?

Hotel w/ mandatory rocking chairs.

Grand finale of the cooking class.

I also tried a Thai massage, which was more yoga than massage. Have you ever had one?

Monday sunset.

In San Juan del Sur.

Watching another sunset from this log.

Saturday sunset, lots of people on the beach.

I've seen trees painted like this, but never a door...?

Happy hour.

I want to turn this picture into a shower curtain!

Stopping for snacks in Granada.

Pool in Managua.

I don't plan to go back to Nicaragua anytime soon. During this trip I sold a piece of land there, which had been the reason for so many past visits. It wasn't a good financial investment, but it evened out in terms of things like friendships, experiences, and language skills. I like Spanish a lot, so I hope that we'll travel to Spanish-speaking countries in the future. In terms of living, though, D and I still have our hearts on the kinds of countries that serve borsch and pelmeni for lunch.

Nicaragua is fun and friendly, though. This month's trip was incredible.

One final breakfast with gallo pinto!

Last day in Managua.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?


  1. Ugh, so jealous. I love that I'm able to read those newspapers. Miss being able to do that.

    Yes! I'm going to Finland next week! I'm so excited!

    1. That's awesome, Jasilyn!!! I look forward to hearing about your adventures there :)