Friday, December 9, 2016

Snowfall + Tea Haul!

Well, that post about the snow in Kharkiv must have worked some magic... there is actually snow in Portland! For most cities, it's a tiny bit of snow. For this city, it's ARCTIC BLAST SNOWPOCALYPSE 2016.

School is canceled. People are staying home from work. The library is closed. The buses have chains on. There are only two kinds of creatures you'll find outside (here's the other kind.)

On a side note- each week I write two lessons for work. This week's topics? Транссибирская магистраль, or the Trans-Siberian Railway, and Snowstorms. I was slogging my way through them, dreaming of winter, and voilà! Winter appears! If only it always worked like that ;)

And you know what's perfect for a snow day?

New tea!

We're still trying to go easy on the tea, but this was the big Stash Winter Sale. I consider it the Black Friday of tea sales. I go crazy. Hey, Earl Grey decaf! Into the shopping cart! You too, Black Forest! And you, Salted Caramel!

The order arrived only yesterday and I decided to wait until daylight to open it. Today is the ideal day for a billion cups of tea.

Here's what we got:

I want to tell you two other special things about this order. First, the box always doubles as an angry cat trap. Works every time.

Second, there's a tea called the Portland Blend. You might give it a try if you like flavored black teas.

Ingredients: Rose Congou black tea + cocoa nibs + natural raspberry flavor + blue cornflower petals. Best enjoyed on a rainy (or snowy!) day.

This is the end of ARCTIC BLAST SNOWPOCALYPSE 2016. The weather is supposed to warm up overnight and turn into a weekend of rain.

Tell me what tea you're drinking these days! :)


  1. Twinnings Earl Grey tea is amazing! You should try it! Growing up in the snow belt of Cleveland it always makes me laugh what constitutes school closings in other cities! :)

    1. Oooohhh, I do love a good cup of Earl Grey! :)

      It snowed "for real" here this week (like, an inch?) and things got practically apocalyptic. Short drives were suddenly taking hours and many people had to abandon their cars on the road. The government had to pass a moratorium on parking tickets so people could leave their cars somewhere overnight.
      There's always a big debate about whether people are just lame drivers and freak out at a snowflake, or whether the city doesn't have the resources to make roads drivable. I think it's a bit of both, but the resource thing really is true. We drove for years in Alaska and the roads were always manageable in winter... probably the same in Cleveland... but this city just isn't as prepared since it hardly ever snows.

    2. The first big snow of 2013 was like that. I had to go to Columbus and it took me an hour to get out of my suburban city. It was crazy. Cars were in ditches. My mentor teacher said it took her 7 hours to get to Columbus which is normally 2 hours. I think people just don't know how to drive in the first snow :)

    3. But in the drivers' defense there was a ton of snow in a short amount of time. It's usually not like that, well, usually not for the first snow.