Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tall buildings in Ukraine

Happy Valentine's Day!

The stores are filled with cards right now. Romantic cards, funny cards, scornful cards, wholesome cards, and cards described by at least 20 other adjectives.

You know what doesn't exist?  

Tall-Ukrainian-buildings Valentine cards.

If they existed, I'd totally buy one for you :) Tons of people wouldn't want such a card... but if you read this blog, you're probably different.

Since we're an untapped market, I've made my own cards for you. Enjoy!!

There's something really cool about buildings that tall, especially when they're apartment buildings. The government buildings look smooth and uniform, but each apartment looks out at the world with its own style, a patchwork of different lives sewn together in a single structure. Each balcony and window frame displays someone's income and priorities. One building is actually hundreds of separate architectural footprints. Is it interesting enough to be card-worthy? I think so. What about you?

The runner-up idea would be, of course, borsch Valentine's day cards. Imagine that! ;)


  1. I'd love one of these Valentine's cards! I'd even take a borscht one because I love borscht!

  2. Hi i need your help to find the name of building nice pics could you have a email.
    i want to sent a Pictured