Saturday, July 29, 2017

Oregon fun runs

I just realized that D and I haven't done any fun runs this year. Ack! And half the summer is already gone! We've done a run each year since moving to Oregon, and the plan was to do another one this year. The first run was an easy one (lots of little kids running alongside us, haha). Last year's run was tougher and dirtier. But this year? Nothing. I better sign us up for something before the weather changes.

Here's a look at the 2 runs we did. Can you recommend another run to try?

Bubble Run 2015

Sasha, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine once upon a time, came to town with her best friend Katie. We had a whole weekend of events planned, starting with the Bubble Run. Running this course was the equivalent of drinking 6 red bulls!

This guy did not participate but still got gear. ;)

Terrain Race 2016

While the Bubble Run was fun, but it's almost like you come out cleaner than when you start. Terrain Racing was the total opposite, and I loved it! Here were a few of the obstacles:

Slide, mud pit, climb, slide.

The lake.

Go around or go over?

A rope climb. Not going to lie, it felt kind of intimidating up at the top.

D crossing over.

There were so many crazy obstacles in the race- monkey bars, balance beams, cargo nets, and lots of heavy-duty climbing. I had to pass on the wall climb, for example, but D managed to get up the rope and over the wall. It was also really cool how the race was out in the countryside. You could take a break at any time and just hang out in a random field.

2017.... ?

There's another Bubble Run coming up next month and there's also The Inferno, an extreme obstacle challenge this September in Salem, Oregon. I really want to try something like the Tough Mudder eventually, but it's out of state this year and over $100 for a ticket. Doesn't it look awesome, though?!

So, Bubble Run or The Inferno? Hmmmm. Stay tuned! ;)

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