Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer Snapshots

First, what I'm sure you've been waiting for, haha... Кит: summer edition.

We hardly see him anymore, since he's usually hiding out in a cool spot. (It was 105F the other week!) When he does show up, he usually looks like this-

Also, Operation Handsome Cat happened. He's still holding a grudge about that ribbon.

Portland had 57 days of no rain at all. It was nice... nice... nice... okay, this is getting really weird... even weirder... finally, a few raindrops.

I didn't get any translation tasks for a couple of weeks (everyone went on vacation?), which meant lots of time for walking around and looking for interesting things. Best finds so far: a new Indian restaurant, a free Aveda facial, and the current Russian-language magazines at the library.

We took a friend to Качка for her birthday. There was sproti, salo, pelmeni, shuba salat, zhugulovskoe beer, and the last dill flower vodka of the year.

The solar eclipse is coming up in a few days, and everyone is going crazy. If the skies are clear, Portland will get a 95-99% view of the eclipse. Cities just a little further south will be directly in the path of totality. The last count I heard mentioned that one million tourists are expected to visit Oregon to see the eclipse.

Last up, fun mail from a penpal!

How is your summer going?


  1. You may have the cutest cat ever!

  2. Ooo, looks like you're having a fantastic summer! Kit is so handsome in his bow, as always ;)
    And omg, you guys have Russian restaurants in Portland?? That's so cool! Love the sign btw, looks like they take their memes seriously 😜

    1. Yes! This one is the most well-known Russian restaurant... you should add it to your list when you come visit! :)