Monday, May 21, 2012

Мужчина на кухне 4

With the hot weather (70 - 80 F or more), we're not sure what exactly to cook.

These were D's most recent soups:

but now it's become too hot to stand at the stove and make soup. In fact it's almost too hot for that old standby, pizza.


L to R: Pesto sauce base, zucchini, sour string cheese, chopped greens. Sausage, black olives, bell pepper. Mushrooms, pineapple, prosciutti, feta, fresh dill.

When we ran out of pizza crust we sliced up some bread, added toppings, and baked it. And then bought more pizza crust right away.
              You get the picture : )

Getting away from the мужчина (man) part of this entry, your lowly author has tried making some dishes herself.

The vegetable sushi attempt:

This went pretty well except for running out of soy sauce. That pink bag on the right, by the way, is pickled ginger. So good!!! It's called imbeer (имбир) in Russian.

A couple of other ideas:

Wow- looking back that all looks pretty tasty! I wish I could remember how to do some of those things again. I'm a food artist- the inspiration strikes, something delicious is hopefully made, and then that's that. It's hard to re-create meals.

Recently I've been out of ideas. That means I usually eat oatmeal or grapefruit for breakfast and then scrounge around the rest of the day.
D, meanwhile, has reverted back to his old ways. He eats tvorog and sour cream for breakfast and then also scrounges around for the rest of the day.
Let me introduce you to this traditional part of Ukrainian culture (the tvorog, not the scrounging-around-for-food part). Meet tvorog, aka творог. Sold in a bag just like many other important foods (milk, yogurt, etc.)
What is tvorog? It's kind of like cottage cheese but thicker and heartier. Actually, maybe it's not that close to cottage cheese at all. Hmmm.... Anyways, I believe this is tvorog with raisins.
Oh, that thing in the plastic cup in the plastic bag? That's sour cream. We buy it at a little kiosk and that's how they package it up. D likes to mix tvorog, sour cream, and sugar.
Voilà- breakfast!
As you can see, breakfast is taken care of but lunch and dinner are still up for grabs. Does anyone have any hot weather meal ideas?


  1. Katya, try or
    It's run by a former classmate of mine from Macedonia and she writes in both Macedonian and English. Delicious easy recipes.

    1. Oooh....looks good :) Thanks for the link! And the Macedonian language is SO beautiful.