Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Victory Day!

Today, May 9th, is celebrated as Victory Day throughout the former Soviet Union. In a nutshell, this day in 1945 marked the surrender of Nazi Germany and the end of WWII for the USSR. I don't think the United States celebrates this day, does it? There is Memorial Day to honor those who have died in war (the last Monday in May) and Veteran's Day to honor military personnel (November 11th) but I don't recall ever hearing of Victory Day.

Remember the military parades in Moscow and Kiev? Tanks, soldiers marching in formation, and all that jazz? Those were Victory Day parades. Nowadays people visit the cemetery on this day and maybe catch a parade or fireworks show. Many people have the day off. There's a sign on the door of my apartment building inviting war veterans to a local park for free food. Here are some signs commemorating Victory Day in Odessa (День Победы = Russian, День Перемоги = Ukrainian):

Are you doing anything special to honor Victory Day?

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