Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walking the whale

Attempts are being made to teach Kит proper leash etiquette. Can you tell I've grown up with dogs? :P So far he's not a fan. He insists on being carried around like some pedigreed canine. At least he accepts the harness- in the beginning he would dramatically drag his legs behind him like a crippled cat so we never got very far. Now he's fine until the leash gets clipped on. Then he usually sits down and refuses to move unless there's some serious coaxing going on.

Still, he gets a little better every time we go out. We walked down to this riverside park yesterday, the farthest we've ever gone together. A man with a Stalin mustache was leaning over the river with a fishing pole. He abandoned the pole to come gruffly admire Кит. After the walk Кит got a bath, one of his truly least favorite activities despite his namesake. There's no peacefully wallowing around in the water for this guy! He has a bathtime toy- a plastic strawberry- but he far prefers to play with it when the the tub is dry. Aside from baths and walks, don't worry, he lives a relaxed life of cat snobbery.

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  1. hahahaha, I would love to do this with my cat, but I'm pretty sure she would kill me!