Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art on the city streets

Kharkov street art

Several months ago I found an amazing mural near the Lopan river. The wall was covered with Russian proverbs and strange, almost aboriginal line drawings. This is my single treasured photo, for it's now been lost to a fresh coat of paint.

For months I thought of returning to take more pictures. When I finally did, there was only a blank uninspired wall.

Not all was lost though. Nearby we stumbled across the, uh, self-proclaimed "street art fest".
At night all peacocks are gray
The Struggle for Life: weird thing- "Soon I'll be in EuroZone", pigeon- "Because all our people are already there"
And my favorite picture.. check out the English under the window! Someone's been learning slang :p


  1. Why would they paint over that mural? Did it say anything offensive? Do you know? I love the carpet, too.

    1. Good question, MCD. No idea! There didn't appear to be anything offensive, but maybe someone vandalized it or perhaps they're planning to paint something new. I'll have to keep an eye on that wall. Yeah, the carpet is great! It's so popular a habit (hanging carpets) that it's now been forever memorialized in paint form, haha.