Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easy Russian 3: the letters Ф and л

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I'm going to teach you a new letter.


Looks kind of weird, right? Don't worry, it's not. It's f.

ф = F
F = Ф

It almost looks like a football or a football field.

Try these easy ф words-
кофе = coffee
кафе = cafe 
факс = fax
факт = fact 
фета = feta cheese
фото = photo

Let's rewind for a minute.
Remember П? That's right, the p sound.
There's a letter that looks very similar: Л. Sneaky, huh? It makes an l sound.

When Russian speakers answer the phone, they often say Алло?
an appropriate name for a phone store!

If you've been following the Easy Russian series, congratulations, you now should be able to read all of these words-
телефон = telephone

фтор = fluoride

лапа = paw

лампа = lamp

платформа = platform

фото аппарат = camera

реформа = reform

лето = summer

лента = ribbon

фара = headlight

фарт = haha, not what it sounds like! It translates as "luck"

фен = hairdryer

фанат = fan (of sports, etc) 

Good job!!
There are a couple of new letters here (с and ы) but I think you can probably guess this word : ) Grammar tip: ы at the end of a word signifies a plural word


  1. Check this out.
    Picture "Russian-medical alphabet"

    1. Looks like the international handwriting standard for doctors :p