Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Art of City, City of Art

Kharkov has been gloomy lately. A heavy fog slowly erases the city, brick by brick.

regular day

Yesterday I went out in search of color...

...and found it!
Welcome to Art of City.

All these pictures were taken near the 23rd of August metro stop.

Others may rave about local museums and exhibitions but it's random scenes like this one that make Kharkov a city of art for me.


  1. It's here, isn't it? Even with the gray, you can find it. I miss those bright summer days but in certain ways it feels like the city comes alive in the winter. I wish I had a camera that worked well at night or for those hazy, steel days.

    1. I thought you might like this entry!! Actually, your last post (Ode to the Sky) kind of inspired me :) You're right, the city does come alive in winter but it's not an obvious kind of beauty, it's more hidden and subtle. It also takes more effort to appreciate....sigh.... our solid-grey days end at 4 pm here too.

      Thanks for commenting!