Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

It snowed on Saturday night! Does that mean that it's okay to start thinking about Christmas? True to tradition, I've already started putting out the decorations.

Thank you, смайлмаркет, for your cheap imported goods!

Christmas is still pretty far off if you want to celebrate it like a local. The winter holidays here start on New Year's Eve (check out last year's celebrations!), then Christmas falls on January 7th and Old New Year wraps up the season on January 14th. As for December 25th, well, that's just another work day. After the crushing disappointment of having to take finals on December 25th in Siberia I never again expected anything special on that particular day. Hearing a simple "Merry Christmas" from a thoughtful student is about as exciting as it can get.

Dear readers, do you have any special holiday plans? Are you planning to travel? D's company is having a big party in Odessa at the end of next month. We're planning to hop on the train and attend. It's a costume party, though, and I have no ideas. The last time we wore costumes in Ukraine we failed miserably. So, remaining costume ideas: Blackmail. A shot in the dark. ???? Please advise!

In the meantime-
кит doesn't appear to be too excited about the holiday season, probably because he's on Santa's naughty list


  1. Costume parties must be big here - we were at Megamarket today which is full of costumes for ALL ages!

  2. Nice cat:D
    I'm curious if you know that
    "кИт" = "whale" in russian
    "кІт" = "cat" in ukrainian
    "кОт" = "cat" in russian ? =)

    1. Hi Andrew, кит thanks you for your compliment :p

      Yes, we choose his name for that exact reason (although my original vote was for капуста!)... we hoped that if we named him "whale" he would grow to be as big as a whale and I liked how it tied in with the Ukrainian version of "cat".

  3. капуста? wow, it's funny! I would say it's unusual pet name :D
    Is it somehow connected to the fact that "капуста" is one of slang words for cash?

    1. Huh, I had no idea it was slang for money! Cool :) I just thought it would be a cute name for him.

    2. капуста, трава, бабки, бабло and some other words means money. I'm not sure if all these words are/were widely used and still popular nowdays so no wonder if you had no idea about it.
      капуста is green, трава is green, US dollar is green - I think this common feature is the reason for капуста and трава mean money.
      бабки, бабло - I have no idea why.

    3. Thanks for the new words! The only one I know was бабки, from this song on YouTube-