Friday, December 27, 2013

New Years and Other News

New Year's preparations in progress...
The local paper already has weather predictions for the entire coming year. How in the world can they predict that??!
The predictions include "a frozen and snowy February, a rainy spring, an early summer (@ 40° C) and a warm fall".
As I stood near the straws at Coffee Life, looking over the front page, an old woman entered from the street. She grabbed the copy on top of the pile, frowned, and looked at me and said: Why do they print this stuff? They can't even get tomorrow's weather right!, tucked the paper under her arm, and hustled herself right back out the door.

For those of you who live abroad, do you often read the local news? Do you do it online or via newspaper? Every time I see a newspaper I wish I were more up-to-date on what's happening locally. Maybe that will be New Year's resolution #1!

This December 24th issue of Вести had a lot of interesting tidbits- for example, a New Year's poll. Ever wondered what Ukrainians do to celebrate? Read on! You can see how "Ukrainian" your celebration will be...

5 questions about New Year

Where do you plan to celebrate the holiday?
  • @ home [59%]
  • with friends [35%]
  • at my parents' place [21%]
  • undecided [8%]
  • in a restaurant or on the street [7%]

How will you prepare for the holiday?
  • clean my apartment [73%]
  • send cards [43%]
  • make a snowman [30%]
  • get a new hairstyle [22%]
  • go on a diet [5%]

What will you drink on New Year's Eve?
  • champagne [81%]
  • vodka [40%]
  • sweet carbonated beverages [38%]
  • boiled fruit with sugar [36%]
  • beer [12%]

Will you have olivier salad on the table?
  • yes [79%]
  • no [21%]

Will you watch the president's greetings on TV?
  • yes [64%]
  • no [36%]

And in other news...
Mikhail Kalashnikov, machine gun man, is dead. Read more about the man and his legacy here.
Two pieces of news here- left: "Pink Floyd used to attract people to the square [Kyiv Euromaidan]. The opposition calls upon the world-famous stars to sing for free on New Year's Eve, but it's unlikely they'll come." and "The panic in the banks is over. The grivna is stronger." 

The morbid:
Police officer caused a bloody hit-and-run (If you're also studying Russian, дтп = дорожно-транспортное происшествие aka road accident)
Kharkov man in New York kills son in order to take revenge on wife. Short article in English on this tragedy here.

More on the weather:
Cruel February and summer in May. If that's so, then hurry up, May!

We're still in Odessa... back soon with stories from the trip!

Tell me: will you celebrate New Year's Ukrainian-style in any way? Or do your own thing? : )


  1. We'll be driving to Prague from Germany to ring in the New Year! Hope you have a great celebration in Kharkov!

    1. Just saw your blog entry on that, Chelsea : ) Hope you and Mario have a blast! I'm already looking forward to reading about your New Year's Eve, с новым годом!!!