Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The holidays are coming!

13 days remain until the festivities begin in Ukraine!!

Window displays are already in place around town:
Everyone always tells stories about mandarins being the best treat of their childhood. "My mother would only give us one per day", said a businessman the other day. "We could hardly wait until New Years Day, until she finally let us eat our fill."

New Year greetings Yoda-style (something like New Year Happy, it is)

Kharkov's Freedom Square remains fenced off, ostensibly for municipal workers to create a winter wonderland...
Freedom Square, December 2013. Photo credit to the lovely Maxine : )

But last year (and the year before, if memory serves) there was no such restriction:
Freedom Square, December 2012
... so that could be because of EuroMaidan.

Meanwhile, the ёлка at the train station has received its final touches.

The Gorky Park Christmas tree is in fine form:

There's even a tree made entirely of lights at the lovebird's monument (near the Arkitektora Beketova metro stop):

And one more, this eye-catching display at the best (and cheapest) local cafeteria

13 days means that it's time for this song to be played every day and everywhere:

After those 13 days are up, it's pretty much non-stop holiday season from there (at least to my foreigner brain, do you agree with me?). Here's January to April in Ukraine through the eyes of various bloggers:
For the continuation of holidays in Ukraine, the former Peace-Corps teacher/baker/runner/writer Kristen has got all the answers

Hope your holiday preparations are going well! How do you plan to celebrate?

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  1. When I saw that sign, I just thought that Ukrainian was a lot different from Russian. Guess someone was just a little concerned with symmetry. Happy holidays -- for the next few months!