Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

You couldn't walk more than 5 feet this week without bumping into a heart or teddy bear! Some people celebrate it, some people disdain it, but on the whole St Valentine's Day is definitely a visible holiday in Ukraine. I worked it into the classroom activities this week as a warm-up. These are the Valentines I created for my students.
Yes, with that old children's rhyme : ) Then the students came up with their own poem based on that pattern. The funniest student creation?-  
Roses are red, coal is black, Arnold was here, he said "I'll be back." 

It was also a remarkable holiday in that for the first time in over 5 years, D hasn't been able to wake up at 6 AM, drive to the grocery store and fist fight with other desperate men for the last box of chocolates and sparkle-y greeting card. D, I've asked, why don't you just buy your gifts before the actual Valentine's Day? Because, he says, it just wouldn't be the same. This is my tradition. But since Ukraine isn't full of people who want to be selling flowers and balloons at 6 AM, I think he had to prepare in advance this year.
Gigantic Valentine from D. Pictured next to a regular-sized Valentine for scale.

 Last but not least, teacher swag!:

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