Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Крепкий орешек

Admit it, I bet you've wondered about this too. How ever did they translate the movie title Die Hard into Russian? Hmmm.... it'd be too silly to just translate it literally, I guess. Oh, I've got it! How about Hard Nut? Yeah, that's it!

No, I am not joking. Die Hard = Hard Nut. Die Hard 2 = Hard Nut 2. And so on. You can imagine how much this little detail amused me and I've been quizzing D about it for ages. He revealed that it's a compliment to call someone a крепкий орешек; it indicates a strength of character similar to "He's a tough nut to crack." Don't take my word for it though- check out Potap and Nastiya's video КРЕПКИЕ ОРЕШКИ (Hard Nuts)
Awkward lyrics translation by me, forgive any errors!

Him: Movie, popcorn, I've sitting with Nastiya
Her: What movie is this? Some kind of horror film?
Him: No, this is a blockbuster, it's got all kinds of things. The Hard Nut- that's Jack, he's unstoppable.
Her: Who's that bald guy? I would fall in love with him.
Him: Dream on, that's Bruce Willis. He's the main character and he won't put up with any teasing. According to the movie, he's got the hardest nuts.

Chorus: I don't know what to do with this disaster. I was conquered by a bald-headed nut. Oh, what a handsome nose and tough glance. My man, my hero, my hard nut.

And then the song goes on with Potap recounting the entire Die Hard series for Nastiya.

Bonus info: Btw, Nastiya is a very common nickname, it's short for Anastasiya.

More bonus info: Potap and Nastiya are very popular in Ukraine and Russia. You can find tons of their music videos on YouTube. Here's a link to an interesting write-up of another song on another blog.

And one more: Want to see more of Bruce Willis in Ukraine? Go here!

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