Saturday, February 4, 2012

Мужчина на кухне 2

D has been at it again! Who knew it would take merely a trip to his homeland to bring out such culinary prowess?

Homemade soup and fried eggplant with sweet chili sauce
Oven success #1 (aka potatoes)
Trying out a Ceasar salad dressing
Oven success #2
This is gretchka (buckwheat, more or less), a staple throughout Ukraine and Russia. I loved to eat this stuff back in the states, but it was really expensive there. This is considered a healthy food and good to eat if you're trying to lose weight. I prefer mine with ketchup and sausage, D likes sugar (weird!)
And this, this one's all me! First time at making French toast since we arrived.


  1. Hey we eat our buckwheat thing you are describing with sugar too. I like to put nuts, surgar and nuts, like walnuts. Sometimes they give this in church at the end of the service, a piece of bread and the buckwheat/sugar/nut deal.

  2. Vesna, D was thrilled to receive your confirmation. I stand corrected then; not weird, just authentically Eastern European :)