Friday, February 17, 2012

Food, food, food

Two things you can't live without!
Cost-of-living update:
  • Poppyseed bread above = $0.50
  • Locally-produced sausage above = $2.50
  • Small box of cereal (only sugary versions available) = about $3/box
  • Kilo of potatoes = $0.60
  • Bottle of beer = $1.00
  • Bottle of Soviet Champagne = $3.75
  • McDonald's Value Meal = $7.00


  1. Did I tell you before that Ukrainian sausage is a challenge for health? I can be tasty, and we buy it before guests come, but the rest of time raw meat and chicken is our choice. At least they don't contain glutamates (sodium etc.) and much less conservants and pyrophosphates, than in sausage.

    1. I know...but it's so tasty!!! You know that expression "Pick your poison"? In terms of which unhealthy but popular Ukrainian activity I've adopted: non-stop smoking or eating lots of sausage, I figured the sausage would be at least marginally healthier than the cigarette :P which btw are like $1-$2 a pack, right?