Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue & yellow

The blue, they say, represents a beautiful clear sky and the yellow stands in for ripe fields of wheat, but it's not hard to see the blue & yellow pattern in other places too:
A friend's photo: field of sunflowers in Sinne, Ukraine.
The trees of Sarzhin Ravine in the fall

Whatever the reasoning behind the design may be, people in Ukraine are proud to show off the colors of their flag

There are plenty of blue & yellow vehicles:

The ultimate patriot makes sure their entire house is blue & yellow!

The supermarket chain Digma uses the colors to distinguish itself from the competition:

A loaf of bread also follows suit... does something as simple as a box of tissues:

Even Apple gets in the spirit of things (which is good since owning the latest iPhone is a task taken very seriously in Ukraine :p ).

This public restroom in Crimea uses just enough blue & yellow to stand out:

And here's our local sauna in Kharkiv:

Going back to transportation, here's the recently-remodelled Simferopol train station:

And Kharkov's Sportivna metro station definitely wins our "rep your flag" prize!
Who else remembers these pre-Euro2012 metro signs?

What's it like where you live? Do you see the colors of the flag repeated over and over too?

PS: For the most massive Ukrainian flag ever, check out the August 23rd Flag Day celebrations in Odessa:


  1. that is a really cool post :)

  2. Indeed a veritable sea of blue and yellow, but the aspect of statehood that truly made me smile was the broad variety of designs incorporating the Union Jack in Ukraine!

    1. Oh, I haven't been lucky enough to see any of those yet! Maybe you can share some on your blog/G+ if you have time? They must be pretty cool.

  3. Very cool! I love both the fact that Ukraine uses blue and yellow everywhere, AND the fact that you noticed (and took all of those photos). Thanks for sharing! I can't say that there's much of a red and white motif in Canada, for the most part...