Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow day!

The Metalist Stadium in the snow.

A day of big, fluffy snowflakes falling non-stop!

Зима близко = Winter is coming (GAME OF THRONES reference!!!)
January 14th, Old New Year, marked the end of the holidays. People are beginning to throw out their Christmas trees.

Even the usual hustle and bustle of Central Market was subdued and snow-covered:

But we did find one guy who wasn't afraid to brave the elements:

Back onto the metro:

Кит decided to do a little exploring in the snow:

He turned out to be not such a fan of the white, cold stuff on the ground...
By the way, this is not his first time out in the snow.

So back home it was:

No cat was harmed in the making of this post; here's Кит as soon as he got back to his warm apartment:

The snow continued to fall until late that night:
Cigarette kiosk in the snow
The Kharkiv Palace Hotel
Gorky Park
Gorky Park

There will be a chance of snow again on Tuesday/Wednesday of this coming week : )


  1. Love it Katherine, very atmospheric!

    1. Thank you, Graham! From your latest post it looks like you guys haven't gotten much snow in Kyiv this winter, right?

  2. I love poor kitty's look of alarm-slash-disgust. Enjoy the snow! (We've had waaaaaay too much of it already this year!)

    1. Yes, alarm / disgust is right :p (It's pretty much his most common facial expression.)

      Sounds like you have a good excuse to stay in and study this winter : )