Monday, May 5, 2014

Victory Day in Kyiv

Victory Day, May 9th, is fast approaching.

Last year we were in Kyiv as the city prepared for the holiday.

Here's some of what we saw that year-

A quiet conversation for two

Sun-drenched crowds @ Maidan Nezalezhnosti

In the metro

Flowers and memories everywhere

And of course, plenty of tourists and locals out in the spring air

As for Kharkiv, the city had their usual V-day parades-

hosted scores of people at the memorial-

and finished the night off with a massive fireworks show.

How will things go this year, the 69th anniversary of the event? Only 4 days to go...


  1. Happy (almost Victory Day), hope all goes well!

  2. Got back form Kherson last week, it was a great trip I would not hesitate to go again. It was so beautiful all the lilacs in bloom and the trees getting leafier by the second. Zak

    1. Glad to hear, Zak. I'd been wondering how your trip went. Yes, "leafy" is the perfect way to describe it! I just noticed today that the lilac has almost bloomed out (at least, in the countryside where we were today). Guess it's time for something new to start flowering, or maybe some tasty fruits will be ready soon : )

  3. Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while! Kyiv looks lovely - or at least it did last year! I hope the Victory Day celebrations go well!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Everything was calm and subdued this year, many events were cancelled for safety reasons. Saw this video on V-Day in Latvia and thought of you- Have you noticed any tension or, as the reporter said, "fears of destabilization" there?