Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who's in your kitchen?

Hmmm... if omens are to be believed, then we'll be saying goodbye to Ukraine soon. Just before coming here, a broken toe meant donning this awkward contraption for a while. Then yesterday morning I broke a glass jar and got a deep cut in almost exactly the same place as the break. Could it be a sign from the universe??

In the meantime (read: when not dropping heavy things in there), I'm usually in the kitchen with a camera. You know how we sometimes miss the everyday details and suddenly blink and notice them for the first time? That's happened with the food products in our kitchen. One day they were regular bags and jars and the next day I looked again and saw all the faces staring back.

Check it out for yourself...


The ladies

A young girl on a bag of sour cream.

Found on a box of milk, so I call this one "The Milkmaid".

This particular scene of domestic bliss possibly takes place after the milkmaid moves to the city, gets highlights, and becomes the mom on a package of pelmeni.

Speaking of pelmeni, you've got to see these cool pelmeni boxes found in Kyiv!

And let's not exclude the babushka. She gets her own bottle of vegetable caviar.

The Men

Bruce Willis' career is still going strong in Ukraine when it comes to pitching products. He's branched out from promoting banking services and now endorses vodka.

The little boy on this package of condensed milk appears impeccably well-groomed.

The Cossack image is a popular way to sell things, as seen on these packages.

And if all else fails...

Put a happy cow on it.

What kinds of faces are on the products in your country?
Has Bruce Willis shown up on any bottles or billboards there yet? ; )


  1. Saw this just after reading your great post: I wonder who the models were for these products images?

    1. Haha, good question! I would love to meet the original babushka on the ікра jar, she looks like she's got a story.

    2. cross her palms with silver and she'll tell your future!