Friday, August 5, 2011

The Summer of the Ugly Shoe

This has been the summer of the ugly shoe.

Things started out like this:

Exhibit #1
Then, a job in retail with long hours forced me to something I thought would be more comfy:
Exhibit #2
To be honest, comparing the average day in these to the one day I tried to wear the shoe in exhibit #1....well, they probably are more comfortable. But at work one afternoon we were discussing that eternal question- shoes: comfort vs. style, and a coworker noted "See, you're smart. You've got those practical shoes on. Look over there at Caity- she showed up in sexy boots!" So, yeah.

As it turned out, the retail job was to be a brief experience, because then I ditched the shoe above and slipped into this beauty:
Exhibit #3
And that's where I'm at now. Ironically, six months ago I decided it would be a good idea to only have pants that have to be worn with heels (aka long hems), because then I'd wear heels 24/7 and look taller. I got rid of anything that fit my natural height.  Ha ha ha.

Days until departure: 24.
I sure hope I'm out of shoe number 3 by then!

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