Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reality TV, русский style!

I've been trying to brush up on my Russian this week (after a summer of studying, um, Spanish and Latin) and came across this-
 hat's right, ХОЛОСТЯК!
Aka, 'The Bachelor' Ukrainian-style. (Which, honestly, is so far pretty much the same as American-style. Girls, drama, and a simple man who is just looking for love in the all in wrong places.)
click here for first episode on YouTube

Of course I'm going to watch as many episodes as I can! :p The show is actually in two languages- all the narration is done in Ukrainian, but Maxim 'the Bachelor' and all the girls have so far used only Russian as far as I can tell. Good, because I don't understand a word of Ukrainian!
This girl, Tanya, has given my favorite (funniest) speech so far. She love tennis, spending money, and, uh, what else? Oh yeah, expensive things. Check her speech out here. She's also from the same place as D. He was not impressed by this fact, hmmm....

I also tried watching Топ Модель по-русский.... that is, "Top Model in Russian" (a spin off of America's Next Top Model) but it doesn't have quite the same je-ne-sais-quoi about it. You can find clips of that on YouTube as well.

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