Monday, August 8, 2011

Technology updates

[Dilbert is at work, sitting in front of his desktop computer.]
Coworker: Are you getting a lot done on the grandpa box?
Dilbert: The what?
[Coworker pulls out his ipad.]
Coworker: The people in my generation do our work on our phones and tablets.
Dilbert, angrily: I also have a laptop.
Coworker: I'll text the nineties and let them know.

That is so us. We don't even have cell phones. Most of the time that seemed to work in our favor, until the car accident and its painful and awkward aftermath, and since then we've been more aware of our cave-dweller status. I'm getting a cell phone in Ukraine of course, but we jumped the gun a little and just ordered a Kindle and a pad (not ipad though). Yeah, 21st century!

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