Friday, August 26, 2011

Tech updates, Part II

D and I have put down our bows and arrows, come out from the cave, logged on to and finally joined the 21st century.
Hello, future. We have arrived.
What do you think? I'm still adjusting....this netbook screen is so freakin tiny, I have to squint at it like an old lady trying to read the newspaper. On the other hand, there will never be a repeat of me lugging a 10 pound laptop and 7,000 other bags across Moscow to catch a flight. Yeah for that! And the Kindle really seems like a many books for free (as long as you're happy reading the classics) and it weighs as little as a magazine. I read that e-readers are already very common on the metro in Russia; perhaps they've made it to Ukraine too? D is thrilled with his Android tablet. He's made eye contact with me only about 5 times this week- the rest of the time he's been staring at the screen!

Meanwhile, the packing / moving-out continues....and continues.....and continues.

Days until departure: 3

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