Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seen around town...

From a group called "Fed up with it!"
Recently I've cut back on taking photos around town, switching instead to jotting interesting things down on a tiny notepad from the grocery store. A lot of the things I've noticed have been on the metro which means a blurry, grainy photo anyway, so a notepad works just as well.

An ad for a wallpaper store:   
"Anti-crisis measures! All wallpaper now at 2013 prices!"

A tour agency's blue-and-yellow-swathed poster: "Rest from politics!" followed by prices for 7 days in Egypt, Greece, Poland,...

A placard from Comfy, a major electronics store, promises "Low prices will unite the country."

What first seemed to be a recruitment ad- a picture of a soldier with the words "The chance to serve your country has appeared"-

- has turned out to be a major campaign sponsored by a group called the Ukraine Crisis Media Center. The solider poster was just the first of many. There's since been:
  • The doctor: "The chance to build a healthy society has appeared."
  • The miner: "The chance to lift up your country has appeared."
  • The student: "The chance to pass a test and not a bribe has appeared."
  • The grandparent: "The chance to raise your grandchildren in an affluent Ukraine has appeared."
Grandparent ad in the background, purple ad partially blocked by the marshrutka.
I don't know that many doctors, miners, or grandparents, but I do know a lot of students and they've made no secret about the fact that a little extra cash is often required as they progress through their studies. As for soldiers, it used to be that I only knew one, but now more and more acquaintances are getting surprise phone calls and then leaving to serve.

I hope that the future does bring affluence, health, and stability for the country.


  1. Is this your last post from Kharkiv Katherine, a rather final sentence?! :-(

    1. Not quite yet, Rupert, even got another post coming today : )

      There will be a few more posts, we're still waiting on some cat paperwork to come through...

    2. Yes I have seen the river picnic, nice to see an air of returning to normality, despite today's activities further south of your location. Take care, the three of you!

  2. Low, low prices will DEFINITELY be the way to unite a country. Love these posts to see the real going ons in Ukraine.