Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The (not so) brave cat

*Warning: embarrassing cat pictures ahead. Embarrassing for the cat, at least.*

What I like best about dogs is their excitement over everything. 
It's time to wake up? 
Someone dropped food on the floor? 
We're going outside? 

It's not quite the same with a cat. 
Wake up? 
Go right ahead, I'll sleep another 5 or 6 hours. 
What's that, expensive cat food?
*sniff* No thanks. 
Venture beyond the door?
SHEER CATTY TERROR. (Let's just say if George R. R. Martin wrote a book about this, it would be called A Song of Dread and Despair.)

We've been trying to get past the sheer terror bit when it comes to going outside. 

Taking him for some fresh air- check.

Getting used to a leash- check. (Although he hates it. This is what usually happens.)
obligatory and mortifying kitten pic

Experiencing all kinds of weather- check.

Suffering through the most humiliating experiences possible- check. Like wearing his knit sweater from Grandma.

It's all to no avail. 

At home he's a great guy. Sociable, slightly imperious, playful. He loves chasing his laser pointer "mouse" and pouncing on drinking straws. He immediately knows when we've brought home a melon from the store and runs to the kitchen, begging for a piece of it. (Melon consumption in our household is roughly: D- 95%, Кит- 4.5%, Me- .5%, and let's not even talk about corn on the cob!)

But when that front door opens.... oh boy. Watch out.

He recently met his new best friend- a cat travel bag. We wanted to give him enough time to feel comfortable with it before traveling long distance. Although he's okay with the bag so far and it's definitely better than what he used to ride in, he still isn't fond of the great outdoors.

I'm used to dogs that run around with wild glee, roll in gross things, and come trotting up with a stick to play fetch. Кит is a little different. He'll stay in the bag as long as possible, hoping you've forgotten about him-

and only emerge with the greatest reluctance. I think this picture says it all-

That's okay, though. He's still our special guy, homebody or not.

Speaking of cats, I caught this uber-cute kitten napping outside a café the other day.
I tried to convince my Russian tutor to adopt him but she only gave him a glance or two and continued on with the conversation. He's awfully cute, isn't he (or she)?
People offered a few handouts or stooped down to pet him. Honestly, though, the kitten was more interested in rolling around and chasing bees than hobnobbing with humans.
I'd love another pet. Someday. One big gray cat is quite enough for the moment.

Tell me about your pet and his/her weird eating habits! Have you ever traveled together?


  1. Adorable! I especially love his face when he's outside on the leash. It's funny how they all have their own personalities. I wish our cat was afraid of the outdoors but he dashes out every time the door opens and happily rolls on the ground, despite us shooing him back inside for fear he'll be eaten by a coyote.
    Anyway, good luck traveling with KNT. Hopefully the vet gave him something to calm him down. Our cat climbs to the highest headrest and digs his claws in deep on every car trip we take him on. I can't imagine how he would do on a long trip without medicine!

    1. Actually, he'll just be flying as is. I hope that he'll be okay... he'll be in the cabin with us. Looking forward to seeing you guys and meeting your kitten, Jenny!

      PS) My parents' dog has the same thing about traveling in cars. She always gets carsick. They give her anti-anxiety medication but it doesn't do much. When they first brought her home as a puppy she got sick in the car, but they thought it was from eating something... then it happened again and again and again, so I feel your pain :p

  2. zero comment from this follower! ;-)

    Safe travels :-)

    1. Really, no pets, Rupert? I always pictured you as an exotic pet owner ; )

  3. Oh my goodness that kitten is so cute!

    Kit - hahaha I'm not sure I've ever seen a cat with so much expression in his face. We had a cat like him (though I think she was 'special') who couldn't go outside unless she was under something (tree, table, etc). Born under a barn roof, terrified of the sky, I guess. Maybe Kit is a cosmopolitan version of that.

    1. Cosmopolitan, haha, I like the sound of that! By the way, are you going to see your ёжик again now that you're back?

  4. KNT (closest I can get with this keyboard) is adorable!! Love the carry bag you have!