Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Ukraine celebrated Epiphany a few days ago, which reminded me of these videos from last year's celebration at the Kharkiv park known as Sarzhin Yar. It was the second year in a row that I stayed home to sleep in and D got up early and went to the park with his colleagues.

Crowds and a glimpse of people dunking themselves in ice cold water:

A quick wander past the vendors and those waiting for their bottle(s) of water to be blessed by a priest:

This older man isn't showing any hesitation:

Three dips into the water on this day are supposed to cleanse you of the past year and prepare you for the new one:

Floating around somewhere out there on the internet is a video of D taking his turn in the pool. He described the process as excitement, doubt, and finally elation. Based on what the temperature usually is on January 19th, I think I'll stick permanently with a cozy bed for all future Epiphanies, but D will probably be back at it if we return to Ukraine- he tried to do it this year in our bathtub!

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