Friday, January 2, 2015

Kharkiv's White New Year

A friend sent these pictures after a heavy snowfall ("сильный снегопад и метель") on December 29th. Looks like Kharkiv was the place to be this/last year for a postcard-worthy holiday photo!

For once I don't own any snowy-weather clothes. Not a single piece. The weather here looked like this all fall...
Every. single. day.

 ... meaning umbrella + rain boots beat any other combo of gear. The past week, when it was finally cold enough for snow, the rain- haha- finally stopped. Now back to more warm weather and rain  :p

What a 5° difference in latitude looks like.

At least our hallway closet looks like a normal closet for the first time instead of overflow for a winter warehouse!


  1. So pretty! We had some lovely snow over the holidays but now... not so much. Today it's raining and in 2 or 3 days it's supposed to gt down to -1F. I envy your lack of winter clothes!