Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 recap

While there were some massive changes this year- like starting in Ukraine, ending in the United States- one thing that didn't change was D's job. A programmer in any country is still a programmer :p I started the year with the goal of sharing a triple-digit number of posts on this blog... and just a few days shy of the New Year, here is #100!

January 2014

Tragedy in Kyiv, while Kharkiv lay quiet under a blanket of snow. D and I took what turned out to be our final trip to Simferopol together. All the winter weather reminded me of a winter spent in Siberia long ago. This post- Blue & Yellow- brought together images I'd been collecting for two years. With the uncertainty of EuroMaidan, the topic of leaving Ukraine came up.

February 2014

This blog hit 100,000 views! Dark things started happening in Kharkiv. On Feb 22nd, the (now former) President of Ukraine fled the country. The next day crowds gathered again in the city's main square. On the homefront I went through some old belongings of D's family and shared 24 pictures of Ukrainians going about their daily lives.

March 2014

It was my birthday and we went to the 4D theater for the first time. The city's zoo issued a plea for help and the community responded. Only spring and temperatures were already up to 64F/17C! Someone got his international passport and we visited an awesome fairy tale park. Meanwhile, the waiting game continued for the nation and the world.

April 2014

Read the newspaper a lot. The MTC Kharkiv International Marathon took place, a flower show came to town, and spring was generally welcomed by all.

May 2014

Everything turned green! We visited a dacha for the first time and I tried my hand at making pelmeni. The presidential elections came and went.   

June 2014

Kharkiv's cable cars got (another) update. A friend went to the capital to see Maidan Nezalezhnosti. On the blog I confessed a love of travelling by tram and wrote about our very first (and almost last!) trip to Ukraine. The realization that we would be leaving finally started to sink in.

July 2014

This was it. One more picnic. The twentieth and final (for now) Snapshots of Ukrainian Life. One last post for Кит from his homeland. This was also the month MH17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine cried with the rest of the world.

August 2014

D went to New York. I didn't. We ate at a Russian restaurant and attended a tech conference in Portland, Oregon. D's mom taught us how to make chebureki near Seattle, Washington. We saw the Pacific Ocean.

September 2014

Didn't blog much this month. Made okroshka, got a kidney stone, went back to the Russian restaurant, apartment hunted, and remembered Kyiv.

October 2014

Fall began. We moved in to a new apartment, found jobs, and I flew to Washington D.C. for training. Meanwhile, back in Kharkiv Lenin was no more and the Ukrainian military had an open house.

November 2014

The colors of fall were everywhere. So was the rain. More elections happened in Ukraine. Thought about some of the differences between there and here.

December 2014

Drank a thousand cups of tea. Pondered sad Russian poems. Did an exposé on Ukraine's nefarious cat mafia. Admired Christmas lights with a billion other people and even Кит caught some of the holiday cheer.

Coming soon.... 2015!! Can you believe it?